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Ticket Channels and Graphic Channels for Displays
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Petro Plastics has produced many extrusions for the Display Industry during our more than 50 years in business. We have extruded parts as small as 1/4" up to some shapes as large as 15" wide. Long runs, short runs, custom color, special tolerances, fabrication, Petro does it all!  Check with one of our Petro Representatives for availability of one of our stock dies. Need a ticket channel or graphic channel? We have stock dies which can make a ticket channel that ranges from 3/4" up to 12" in width. "J" channels, "U" channels, and many other shapes are available as well. If one of our stock shapes does not meet your needs, let Petro make your own custom die. Just E-mail your requirements to petroquotes@petroplastics.com or call one of our Sales Representatives

   Along with custom shapes Petro can also handle your fabrication needs. Whether it be a special packaging need or an unusual cut, Petro can custom fabricate your extrusion. We can apply double sided tape and heat activated tapes to your extrusions. Petro can drill or machine your extrusion to any requirements you may need.

5" Ticket Channel
3.035" I.D. Ticket Channnel
3.880" I.D. Ticket Channel
8.090" I.D. Ticket Channel
5.375" Ticket Channel