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 Mat Links And Personalized Mats

Mat links are a favorite project-kit used in constructive occupational and

rehabilitation therapy by many organizations. Mat links can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, Petro Plastics! See pricing information and call 1-800-486-4738 to order, or download the order form in PDF format.

 See color chart below for current colors. We can match almost any color you need.

Call a Petro representative or send an e-mail to


If you do not have the capability to view PDF files you can download

your PDF viewer for free.

Create!  Create!  Create!  Here is the perfect opportunity for everyone

to show his or her own special creative ability. There are almost an unlimited

number of possibilities of design with Petro Mat Links.

 Mat Instructions

Tools Required: #220 Plastic Layout Board (Plastic Form in above picture), #222 Press Board, #223 Pattern Sheets, #224 Wire Bending Tool, hammer, scissors, crayons.

The transparent plastic layout board and pattern sheets are a new innovation in assembling link mats. 

Any initial or design colored in on the pattern sheets and placed under the transparent layout board will act as a guide in placing the links.  We have a letter planner to assist in placing a letter in the mat. Please call or e-mail for information.

Place a right angle (90 degrees) bend, 5/8" in from the end of the fourteen wires required for a single mat.  This should only be done to one end of the wires and can performed using the #224 Wire Bending Tool or a pair of pliers.

  1. Place the links in the #220 Plastic Layout Board in any pattern desired (266 per mat).  The small tubular pieces are called spacers and are placed in the top and bottom row of the mat to fill in the gaps - 42 per mat.
  2. From one end of the #220 Plastic Layout Board slip the wires through the links.  Note: Wires pass through easier if they are rolled back and forth between the fingers while passing them through.  After the wires are in place lift the mat out of the Layout Board and place it on the Press Board.
  3. The straight ends of the wires should fit into the 14 grooves in the front steel strip of the Press Board.  The bent ends of the wires should all point downward, except for the last one.  All the bent wires should be parallel with the base of the Press Board and under the grooved edge of the sliding board.  The rear board of the press should be brought firmly up against the mat and locked in place with the wing nits.
  4. After securing the Press Board use a hammer to bend the other ends of the wires so that they are all facing downward (except for the last one) and parallel with the mat.
  5. Remove the mat from the Press Board and place in on a flat surface.
  6. The black edging is applied by placing the bent wires into the holes of the edging. After the last wire is inserted cut the edging with a scissor or sharp knife.  The ends may be rounded-off a bit if desired.


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